WU-ftp Installation Script Creator

user executable directory
system admin executable directory
configuration directory
disable the UPLOAD keyword in ftpaccess
disable the OVERWRITE keyword in ftpaccess
dont allow ALLOW/DENY keywords in ftpaccess
dont log failed login attempts
don't log login attempts for limits
don't support private files
don't retry failed DNS lookups
allow anonymous ftp only
add QUOTA support
enable pam support
allow users to set SETUID/SETGID/STICKY bits
support alternative passwd/shadow files
don't keep track of user path changes
don't keep track of user's throughput
don't keep track of bytes for statistics
don't support virtual servers
skip all dns lookups
don't allow anonymous ftp

Created by Red Dragon for Red Dragon Enterprises™.
Red Dragon Enterprises™ © Dec 2001. All rights reserved.