<Limit> </Limit> tag

Inside the <Directory> tag defined on the previous page was the Limit tag.
The limit tag is used to set access limits by various methods.
The default shown in the access.conf (httpd.conf) file is probably similar to this
<Limit GET>
order allow,deny
allow from all
This is telling apache to allow before you deny (order allow,deny)
and allow from all or everyone that accesses it via browser.
Some of the options for <Limit> are:
  • GET
  • POST
  • PUT
  • COPY
  • MOVE
  • LOCK
These are all used inside the brackets (ie. <Limit GET>) and are case sensitive.
The will limit the access method or purpose to the resource you are defining the limit for.

some options for inside the tag itself are:
  • order allow,deny
  • order deny,allow
  • allow from ...
  • deny from ...
order defines the order of access to the resource, allow,deny allows access unless specifically defined in a deny from
and deny,allow denies access unless specifically defined in an allow from entry.
allow from defines who can access the resource, ie. allow from all, allow from
deny from defines who is denied access to the resource, ie. deny from all, deny from
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